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Learning Our Way Magazine, Issue 1 Learning Our Way is an e-magazine designed to support home-educating families. .. Product #: LearningOurWay01 Regular price: $9.99 $9.99

Learning Our Way Magazine, Issue 1

Price: $9.99

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Learning Our Way, Issue 1 (PDF)

Inside this Issue:


President's Report, by Liz Read - p.4

Home Education Expo and STEM Fair, 2019 - p.6

HEWA Meets with South Metropolitan Educational Regional Office - p.8


Home Education Journeys

Homeschooling Neurodiversity, by Cat Timms - p.9

Home Education Our Way: An Interview with Matt - p.13

Our Structured Approach to Home Education, by Miriam Maynard - p.16


Curriculum Corner

How to Report on Student Progress Using the Scope & Sequence - p.19

The Myth of Institutionalised Learning, by Kerry McDonald - p.21

How to Choose a Maths Curriculum, by Miriam Maynard - p.23


Diverse Learners

What is Interoception, by Claire Heffron - p.25

Homeschooling Children with Social Anxiety, by Sharon Pegrum - p.29
School ADHD isn't Homeschool ADHD, by Laura Grace Weldon - p.31


Home Education Challenges

Decompression Time After Schooling - p.35


Home Ed Alumni: Where Are They Now?

Submissions from Hannah Lee, Eimile Humphreys, Ixaka Doonan, Sarah B, Lachy and Zoe - p.38


Questions and Answers

What About High School? Answers from Kirsty, Chloe and Annemarie - p.40

What if I Get Asked About Socialisation? - p.42


Community Noticeboard

HEWA Committee Meetings - p.43

Professional Development Day for Parents - p.44

Regular Groups in WA - p.45

Civics & Citizenship Resources - p.46

University Open Days & Career Expos - p. 47

Book Week Events - p.48

Winter Read-a-thon - p.49