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Instructor - Saani Bennetts 


Ages 6 - 10/11 years


In this class, students become inventors at Spy HQ, designing equipment, disguises and training activities for secret agents! This class helps students develop STEM understandings, problem-solving, creative thinking, communication and collaboration skills through hands-on learning and a fun secret agent theme.

This term, we will cover: 

  • Secret Agent Reflexes –inventing coordination and reflex training exercises for secret agents.
  • Labyrinths and Lasers – we design labyrinths and laser networks that help train spies to escape from such situations.
  • Spy Gadgets – designing and building our own creative spy gadgets from recycled materials.
  • Code Breaking – we learn about different codes, practice sending and deciphering secret messages and making our own codes.
  • Disguises – in this session, we learn and practice two of the many effective disguise techniques and create disguises for secret agents.
  • Spymobiles – we design super spy vehicles with special abilities
  • Booby Traps – we design traps that spies can use in their top-secret missions.
  • The Great Escape – in this session, we solve problems that will help our agents escape from a trap! 

This class is suitable for ages 6 – 11 and all levels of literacy as well as diverse learning styles are catered for. Experiential learning allows students to engage in activities at their own pace and level.