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Drama - Comedy and Improv


Instructor -  Jessica Crosse


Improv is a form of theatre all on its own! Using Theatre Games, students will learn the art of comedic timing and take their sketch comedy skills to the next level. We will learn the core principles of good improvisation, and how to create spontaneous action or intrigue. Students will explore different kinds of comedy and find out what suits them best. 


Ages 5 – 9 years

Over the course of the year students will explore personal events and fictional stories to create drama. They will begin to develop improvisation skills, exploring possibilities for voice, movement and role. Students will be introduced to the element of situation.

Students will experience drama as performers and audience members, presenting scenes in which they apply drama narratives to link the action with an ending. Students will also view drama based on unfamiliar stories.

As they make and respond to drama, students will experiment with the elements of voice, movement, role and situation. Students will also explore reasons why people make drama.



BOOK  East Vic Park                            BOOK Dayton