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ENGLISH / LANGUAGE Genre Ages 6-10yrs


genre party junior


Instructor - Saani Bennetts 


Ages 6 - 9/10 years

Join us for rollicking adventure of appreciating and practicing a range of literary genres and techniques. This is no ordinary English class - concepts are taught through very hands-on, practical and super-fun activities. No really – there will be plenty of laughter, action and enjoyment as well as learning.  

 This is not a formal English class. We don’t cover spelling, grammar or handwriting – it’s about understanding and utilising a range of genres, from poetry, recipes and procedures to narratives, reports, letters and more. It’s also about exploring language techniques for expressing ourselves in different ways – from alliteration to metaphors and beyond. Whilst the primary subject area is English, classes also incorporate the Arts, STEM, HASS and movement. 

 Genres are explored in a wide variety of ways, not just through writing. Whilst we will be doing some writing, we will also learn about different genres through playing, acting, creating, making, discussion, drawing and other practical methods.  

 This class is suitable for students of all literacy abilities. For activities involving writing, students who aren’t writing yet are able to draw, dictate to a helper or work in groups where a confident peer will scribe for the group. No-one is ever required to read in front of others if they do not wish to, and all levels of literacy are catered for. This class involves high-level thinking skills and appreciates the intelligence and thinking capabilities of all students. We acknowledge that intelligence is not the same as literacy and that all students develop literacy at their own pace.