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Drama - Radio Plays

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Instructor -  Jessica Crosse


Radio Plays

Students will learn about the features and types of radio plays, acting in a radio play and how to create a character through voice.

"In the late 1920’s to early 1930’s, radio theatre was the most common and inexpensive form of entertainment. Families would sit around the radio and listen to their favorite programs. Back then, people did not have televisions, so they used their imaginations while listening to all genres of radio stories. There were comedies, dramas, crime dramas, mysteries, action and adventure, fantasy, historical, children’s dramas, theatrical plays, soap operas, horror stories, and even science fiction. These stories were performed by actors who would read from a script in a radio station studio. They were often broadcast live and also included mood music and sound effects to enhance the action in each scene."

These drama classes are suitable for children with a whole range of confidence levels.  The curriculum includes confidence building exercises, public speaking, role play for social skills, voice work, movement and acting skills.  Children work in pairs, groups and with the whole class to experience improvisation, scene development, plays and script work. 


Ages 10 – 14 years

Over the course of the year Students will experiment with the elements of drama and selected drama forms and styles, considering how feedback can be used to enhance improvised, devised and scripted drama. Students will be introduced to script formatting and conventions.

Students will experience drama as performers and audience members. They will develop their performance skills to establish connections and build trust with the audience.

As they make and respond to drama, students explore how dramatic narratives and mood communicate meaning. They will examine the factors that influence drama in different cultures, times and contexts. 



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