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What  Comes Next

One of the most frequent questions parents ask when they first start investigating home education as an option for their child is will  they have a future, will they be able to go to Uni, will they be able to get a job?

To answer that question we have built this page to demonstrate that home educated youngsters go on to follow a variety of careers. If you were  home educated, or if  you have a child that was, and they are now in the work force, studying or running a business, ask them if they would be willing to encourage  parents and students  just starting out by sharing their story. This link can be used to email a photo along with  a line or two about what they do now for inclusion on this page.

There is no better testimony to how successful  the provision of a home education is than the young people it produces.


Jacob Holland
is now a qualified surveyor working for a local company.







Bryony Holland
at the Polytechnic West Bentley Campus. Bryony is a full time apprentice chef at Parmelia Hilton Hotel.






imageKatherine John
singer/songwriter/vocal coach – Having performed all around the world (incl London, Korea & USA) Katherine now runs her own music school, Classic Sounds School of Music and music company DeJaVu in Perth Western Australia, while currently collaborating with international artists (LA, London, Italy) on original music production.”







Honey Wheeler
is studying journalism at Murdoch University and working part time.


Michael Taran
home educated till year ten, he  then attended Perth Modern , for years 11 and 12 and became the 2011 Beazely Medal winner. Michael  is  currently studying medicine at UWA.