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This set of Career Pathway Chart links has been compiled as a career exploration tool for parents, students and others wishing to identify entry level positions and career pathways in industries of interest.

Simply place the cursor over the link and follow the prompt. All files are from a trustworthy source and can be opened without any concerns.


My Future

myfuture is Australia’s free online career information service that assists career planning, career pathways and work transitions.

Apprenticeships and Traineeships
Contains career pathway charts for the widest range of apprenticeships and traineeships. These may be accessed on an industry or trade basis and show how further study (e.g. Certificate IV or Diploma level) can lead to a variety of highly skilled roles. Also has links to apprenticeship support services/incentives and programs e.g. Tools for Your Trade. Click Search>Job Pathway Charts>Select an Industry>Select Job Pathway Chart.

Australian Apprenticeships/Traineeships Training Information Service Pathway Charts

Pathway Charts on 80 industry sectors, linked to training package unit outlines which enable the reader to see in more detail what each course focuses on.

Community Services and Health Industries

Jobs and career advice for the Care Sector.

Service Industries
See the Students, or Parents section and click on Job Sector Profiles to learn about the sectors that make up the service industries. For advice on choosing a career, and to access other useful resources, go to the Career Planning section.

Hospitality Sector
Browse careers in Tourism, Hospitality and Caravan industries.


Transport and Logistics Industry
Lists occupations according to industry sectors e.g. maritime/aviation and the qualifications required.


Government and Community Safety Industry
Provides career charts in Local Government, Water, and the Correctional Services sectors (Public Sector and Public Safety sectors charts are under development).
This Careers Directory lists a range of careers in each of the Correctional Services, Water Industry, Public Safety, Public Sector and Local Government sectors. Job profiles, including personal attributes, are provided and career development opportunities for each role are indicated. Career videos and Qualification Frameworks (pathways) are also listed.

Electro-technology, Communications, and Energy Utilities Industries
Provides a careers chart with links to each occupation, job descriptions and pre apprenticeship tests.
View the powerUp careers CD: choose industry sectors that interest you most and check out related careers.
Shows the potential for career opportunities based on traineeship commencements in various industry streams, should individuals wish to continue their learning path to higher skills e.g. from Certificate 1 or 2 courses through to Cert IV or Diploma. Also, includes several qualifications pathway charts showing optional ways of progressing through to higher skill levels (Diploma/Advanced Diploma).

Resources and Infrastructure Industries
Select an occupation of interest to connect with pathway charts, including linkages to relevant courses, related positions, training providers and career videos. Has provision for exploration of possible career pathways from any occupational level. Includes a Career Opportunities Section for exploration of resource industry careers by major categories!

This chart lists mining industry occupations in categories from semi-skilled and skilled operators, through to trade, technical/supervisory and professional/management levels!
Select an occupation of interest and view job profiles, case studies (people describing their work and how they have reached the position they are in), course details, and incomes received.

This Queensland Government chart shows possible paths for progressing through a career in the maritime industry.

Agriculture and Food Industries

See: for career success stories and more information on specific careers.

Also, see over 300 career profiles in 19 industries showing each individualâ??s pathway through subjects studied at school, and the various alternative ways they completed their training to become qualified.

These are powerful stories of great value to career choosers.

Click on "Agriculture" and go to "All you need to know about jobs, training and careers".


Food and Beverage

Meat industry


Provides a Career Pathway Simulator, or means of charting a career course though the manufacturing industry from any entry level point. Simply click on an occupation of interest from the complete industry list to see related positions and follow links to job and course descriptions.

Includes profiles on each of the 13 industry sectors, detailing job descriptions, personal attributes and courses.

Also, includes career PDFs on Manufacturing, Boating and Aerospace.

Forest, Wood, Paper and Timber products Industry sectors
Describes a range of industry roles: click on the careers tab for a drop down list including the section on Skill Development Pathways.

Construction and Property Services
Relates available industry careers to a list of personal strengths/interests e.g. art and design, communications, maths, physical activity, computers & travel; shows career pathways in each area.
Provides a list of 41construction occupations and job profiles, including entry pathways, specializations and links to a range of industry sector websites for further information! Also, includes success stories from people in a range of occupations.

Innovation and Business
Information is provided on a range of careers in each of the following sectors:

Business Services (e.g. Human Resource Manager), Education, Entertainment (e.g. Sound Technician), Screen and Media (e.g. Animator, Costume Designer), Financial Services, Information and Communications Technology (e.g. Website Developer), Museum and Library/Information Services(e.g. Museum Assistant), Music, Printing and Graphic Arts, Telecommunications; Visual Arts, Crafts and Design (e.g. Artist).

You will find fact sheets that include information about tasks you may perform in that career, training options, what training may involve, where you can do your training and links to other career and industry specific websites.
Outlines the area of Robotics for students in relation to subject prerequisites or strengths; includes links to tertiary courses, and information on all aspects of the Robotics and Automation sector.
Information on a range of printing careers, including an outline of personal attributes, industry people talking about their roles, and video clips.
Provides information on a range of accounting options and outlines the role of Certified Practising Accountants.