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The Department of Education publish a policy statement on home education with background information and the required procedures for Department employees. You can download the Policy Statement from the WA Department of Education website or by clicking here.

Moderators are obliged to follow the Department policy, however it is the School Education Act 1999 that home-based families need to keep uppermost in their minds when undergoing moderation. The most relevant section for home educators is Section 6, page 66.  Click here to download a copy.   Section 53.2(a) Cancelling s.48 Registration, gives the Department of Education and Moderators the authority to assess progress against the current WA Curriculum.

It is important for home educators to familiarise themselves with the Homeschooling Policy and Education Act in order to fully understand their rights and responsibilities.

What Your Moderator Can Ask For

Simply put, a moderator's role is to ensure that home-educated students are gaining a good edu-cation and to provide support for home-educating families.  The moderator's responsibilities are:

  • To check that students are making progress (this does not mean according to tests or comparison to other children or even progress in regard to any age-related norm. It means that your child is making forward progress in his or her learning at his/her own pace).
  • To check that families are complying with the Australian Curriculum as per the Education Act. More information on this can be found in A Guide to Moderator Meetings, Reporting and the Australian Curriculum which can be purchased using this link.
  • To check on the child's working environment and access to learning resources.
  • To offer support and suggest resources to help parents if they want support.


What You Need to Provide the Moderator

The home educator is fully responsible for the child's education program. In addition, it is the home educator's responsibility to:

  • Demonstrate to the Moderator that progress has been made by the child
  • Demonstrate compliance with the Australian Curriculum in their education program
  • Provide students with a satisfactory working environment and access to learning resources
  • Provide the Moderator with a safe environment for the meeting (for example, ensure that dogs are restrained)
  • Demonstrate that you have an understanding of where your child is at socially and academically
  • Demonstrate that you have an understanding of where your child will be at in 12 months

For more detail on what to provide your moderator including programming and recording examples you might like to purchase A Guide to Moderator Meetings, Reporting and the Australian Curriculum which can be found on this link.