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Reflecting on the following questions  will enable you to clarify the methodolodlogy that will best suit your child and familiy when choosing home education.

As such its a good idea to review these questions from time to time, so that it truly reflects your family and  where your child is currently at, to enable you to continue to adjust and adapt as you take this  journey.

Above all remember home education looks different from child to child and family to family, from year to year,  which is all part of the joy of why we do this.
  • What do we as a family picture when we think about education?
  • What do we believe is important as part of that process?
  • How do our children learn?
  • To what degree do our beliefs and values form our view of education and what it is for?
  • What part do we want our beliefs and values to play in our children’s education?
  • What do we believe an education is for?
  • What is our role in the children’s education and what part do we want to take in it?
  • What things do we believe are fundamental functions of our children’s educational process: faith, life skills, critical thinking, music, art, the ability to resolve conflict,   sport, community service etc?
  • How can we best ensure these needs are met?
  • What do I know about the alternative methods of teaching and learning?
  • What special needs, gifts and talents do our children have?
  • Who is best placed to meet those needs?
  • Do we need further training or professional assistance?
  • Do we want to incorporate other specialists into the program we create?
  • How well do we communicate, do we need to develop this area?
  • How do we resolve conflict,  do we have the ability to  solve problems creatively?
  • What are our negotiating skills like, are we able to be assertive?
  • What are our long and short term objectives?
  • How will we measure if we are achieving our goals and objectives?
  • What  part will friendship play in our childs education?
  • How will we fund our children’s education?
  • What equipment do we need, want and desire?
  • What are our limitations?
  • Do we know how to build a support network?
  • What was our experience of learning growing up  and what can we take from that both good and bad?