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A Few More Words of Advice 
The first thing to remember about home education is that it doesn't necessarily just fall into place overnight. It takes time to find what works for you, your child and your whole family.

Parents whose children have never been to school may find the transition to home education smoother, because at the age of 5 or 6, home education is very much a continuation from what parents already do with their children - play with them, do activities with them, provide rich life experiences for them, notice what they're interested in and encourage them to pursue those in-terests, notice what they love doing and support those talents, notice when they show a readiness to learn something new and introduce them to it.
For parents whose children have been in school however, home education can require a transition period for both parents and children, especially when the parents had not planned to home educate but find themselves in a position where it seems the best option. Amongst home educators, a phrase commonly used is "decompression period," which refers to a transition period be-tween school and home education.
When transitioning from School to Home, or if you are starting straight from home, there are a few steps you can follow to maximize your family's home education experience:
  • Get involved in your local  State Home Education Support Group HBLN (Home-Based Learning Network).  There is an annual membership fee. To join click on the membership icon on the home page, top right hand corner of this site.
  • HBLN also has a forum on this site where members can chat about all matter of things,to access this group simply log in and use the tab marked forums at the top of this page.
  • Join an online social networking group.  Click on this link
  • Search the Internet for great resource sites for researching methods, types and 'how to's' of home education. Just type in 'home education' or 'home schooling' into your browser and you'll be amazed at how much information is out there!
  • Locate Curriculum Providers
  • If starting home education after being in mainstream schooling for a period of time, it is generally recommended that there is a time of 'de-schooling', which is a time of adjustment and transition for both the child and the parents. The general rule of thumb is, one month of 'de-schooling' for every year the child attended mainstream school.
  • Look into the learning environments in your home and ask yourself "is this a place which is conducive to learning?"
  • Have a look at the Educational Philosophy page which is a guide to help you design a program that will work for your family as a whole. 
  • Purchase a copy of the "Getting Started in Home Education Booklet" using this link.
  • A step by step guide on how to register for Home Education in WA on this link
Just remember if you get stuck or you're having a bad day, you're not on your own, talk to one of our volunteers who can be found on the support page, using this link  or if you're an HBLN member log in to the site and head to the forums and intorduce yourself using this link.