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My Child's Passport to the Future

Before the invention of the computer it was important for individuals to cultivate clear handwriting, however with the advent of notebooks and computers, fast, accurate keyboard skills are now highly desirable. With our world changing at an exponential rate, it is important that your child’s portfolio accurately reflect who they are and what they are capable of as well as their areas of challenge.

One of the beautiful things about home based learning is that education isn’t limited simply to schooling, however neither does it restrict your child from entering tertiary institutions, TAFE, technical colleges or other institutes, it may in fact enhance their ability to do so.

HEWA encourages young people within the home based education community to volunteer with HEWA as a means of adding community service to their portfolio.  References can be supplied at the conclusion of their placement. To apply as a volunteer please use this link.
The following information is designed to help you put together a portfolio with your child that they can use to gain entry to a range of institutes.

Portfolio Contents

  • References
    • From places of employment
    • Volunteer organisation leaders i.e. St Johns, Red Cross
    • Leaders from places of membership, i.e. church, sporting club
    • Long term friends of family
  • Supplementary courses
    • Certificates i.e. Senior First Aid
    • Diplomas i.e. Diploma in information technology
    • Workshops i.e. Narrative Therapy Workshop Course Work
  • Written transcript of material covered in last year of work
  • If your child has a specialist area then a compilation of that work should be included also:
    • Art portfolio
    • Web sites designs
    • Musical composition


Note:  At this time many of the University Preparation courses are free and can be completed in 6 to 12 months.


Current Entry Requirements as of 1/08/2017

Edith Cowan University 134328
Admissions Office

Portfolio Entry plus Interview, University Preparation Course

Murdoch University 93607070
Special Consideration Entry
General Manager

Portfolio plus Dept of Education Letter, University Perparation Course

Curtin University 92669266 
Prospective Student Adviser

Portfolio Entry plus Dept of Education Letter, UniReady Program 

University of Western Australia

Current policy is to require home based students to either enter as mature age students, or to apply after successfully completing one semester of study at another University.

Foundation and Prepartory Programs.

TAFE 92246500

Portfolio plus Interview
Defence Force

Portfolio plus Depart of Education Letter




Senior High Schools/Campuses

Cyril Jackson Senior Campus

(08) 9379 5122

For ages 16+ years.  Offer online and on campus

Tuart College

(08) 9242 6222

For ages 16+ years.  Offer online and on campus

North Lake Senior Campus

(08) 9314 0444

For ages 16+ years

Canning College

(08) 9351 5600

For ages 16+ years

Taylors College

1300 762 143

For ages 16+ years




Persistence, Patience, Tenacity, Resilience, Creativity and a Sense of Humour
What are They?   The Hall Marks of a Home Based Learning Family!