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The home based community of Western Australia is composed of families from all walks of life who utilise a myriad of methodologies in training up their children and as such many different groups have sprung up within the community.  These groups are comprised of like minded families who have come together to encourage and support each other.  Some are  formed based on a shared learning methodology, others  because of a shared  bond such as social, cultural or religious  beliefs.

HBLN encourage all groups to look at creating an inclusivity statement when forming their co-operatives, click here to download a guideline leaflet.

This page is designed to help families locate these groups, many of the groups place a cap on the number of people who can join at any one time  simply to keep the group at a manageable size, please bear in mind that  these groups are run by volunteer parents who are themselves trying to home educate their families and have many pulls on their time already. In the event a group is full when you contact them many will put your name down on a waiting list, or you may wish to consider forming your own group.  To contact a group simply click on the name provided to send them an email. 

Should you want more information on how to start your own co-operative or to list your group on this page, simply use this link to send us an email.

For a list of HBLN groups both metropolitan and regional which are covered by insurance click here.

For a list of other groups click here