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Spare Parts Puppet Theatre: The Farmer's Daughter

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Now Closed.


Spare Parts Puppet Theatre will present its acclaimed five-star production celebrating the iconic Australian spirit of life on the land at its home theatre in Fremantle from June 30 to July 20.


Inspired by real life stories, The Farmer’s Daughter explores themes of survival and resilience while celebrating the lives of the people who live and work on the land. The humorous and dramatic story is told through voice over of a CB radio conversation between a grandfather and a granddaughter, who share an unbreakable bond of connection to the land they love.


Through an innovative set, large scale puppetry, a superb soundscape, and vivid lighting, the production captures the atmosphere of the rural lifestyle. Knockabout physical performances by five performers transport you to farming life amid the hilarity of a sheep muster gone wrong or the beauty of a kangaroo in motion. The production was nominated for six Performing Arts WA Awards following its world premiere in 2014.


Perfect for ages 8 and above (Suitable for 5+), The Farmer’s Daughter is a special and very Australian experience which encourages students to think about the importance of their own convictions and their connections to family, place and the world they live in.


Perfect for Year 3+ 

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