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Home Education WA | Events & Workshops

"Understanding the WA Curriculum, Planning & Reporting” workshop
Saturday 16 November 2019, 01:00pm - 04:30pm

Beginner Home Ed workshop


An “Understanding the WA Curriculum, Planning & Reporting” workshop will be held on 16th November in Mandurah, 1 – 4.30pm.

The workshop covers everything you need to know about the WA Curriculum, planning an educational program and reporting on your child’s progress. It explains:

- what you need to provide your moderator and what you don’t need to provide

- what moderators can ask for and what they should not ask for

- what curricula can be used in home education

- understanding your responsibilities with regard to curriculum requirements

- ways to plan and program that will cover your curriculum requirements

- how to understand curriculum jargon

- ways to record and report on children’s progress

- ways to meet the requirements for recording and reporting in a way that supports your personal style of home-educating

This workshop will help you feel more confident with understanding the curriculum. It aims to help you reduce anxiety around planning and reporting on your child’s progress and to help you find ways to meet your curriculum requirements that match your home education philosophy.

This workshop is great for people who:

- Are still fairly new to home education and want to understand the curriculum and the home education requirements

- Have been home-educating for some time but want clarification about the curriculum and requirements for moderator meetings

- Want to find easier ways to program and report on their child’s progress!


Find out more or register here:

Location Sarah's Circle Holistic Hub, Mandurah