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The scholarship program is open to all Home Education WA members (with the exception of Affiliate Members) with students able to apply for a cash scholarship in one of the nine areas listed below.

It can be used to pay for any expense associated with accepting an opportunity presented to a candidate by a group, company or existing organisation that will assist them in furthering their talents and/or education.

Application packages for a scholarship can be downloaded here.   

For further details email


For a complete list of the available scholarships and the areas they cover please see the list below:

  • HEWA Writer’s Scholarship – covering poetry, prose, fiction, nonfiction, screenplays, plays, radio scripts, publishing.
  • HEWA Fine Art scholarship – covering sculpture, design, painting, graphic novels, craft.
  • HEWA Sport Scholarship - covering any form of individual or team sport including, but not limited to, ice skating, rowing, dragon boat racing, horse riding, hockey, archery, pool, billiards, bocce, sailing, skeet shooting, skiing.
  • HEWA Music Scholarship – covering choirs, soloists, musicians, conductors, composers, eisteddfods.
  • HEWA Science Scholarship – covering research, inventions, medical, astronomy, mathematics, tournaments and challenges i.e. Robotic cup, Tournament of the Minds.
  • HEWA Art Scholarship – covering dance, drama, film, directing, production, set design, makeup.
  • HEWA Entrepreneur’s Scholarship – covering young businessmen/women, inventors,  specifically those looking at building  a career in the business  sector.
  • HEWA Humanitarian scholarship – covering students working with NGO’s and community groups such as Scouts, Red Cross, Good Samaritans etc.
  • HEWA Outside the Box scholarship - covering gaming tournaments and other categories not covered above.