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All HBLN/HEWA members and event participants, adult and child alike, are expected to abide by the HEWA code of conduct, recognising that at all times it is necessary to act responsibly and appropriately while attending HEWA events.

  • Adult members are responsible for their own child/ren at all times during the course of an event. If a member needs to leave their children, they must ensure that their child/ren have a nominated supervisor during their absence.
  • Members should respect the dignity of themselves and others, recognising that at all times their words and actions are an example to other members.
  • Members are expected to demonstrate the highest standards of behaviour, exercise reasonable and fair judgement and act in a courteous and sensitive manner when interacting with child/ren, parents or caregivers, instructors and organisers.
  • Members should act with consideration and good judgement in all interpersonal relationships.
  • Members should respect everyone’s right to personal privacy at all times.
  • Members should respect everyone’s right to parent, discipline and interact with their own child/ren as they see fit.
  • Members may not use HBLN/HEWA and/or its events and services to promote their own beliefs, behaviours or practices where they are incompatible with HBLN’s constitution.
  • Members should take care and consideration of the buildings and facilities which HEWA uses for events; damages should be reported and arrangements for appropriate action made on the same day.
  • Members should be lawful and conduct themselves in a manner that brings credit to the HEWA and the practice of home education.
  • Members should ensure that venues are safe and healthy environments, spaces and places which enhance Members' learning, development, engagement, initiative, self-worth and dignity.
  • Members should take appropriate action to prevent – and, when necessary, intervene to stop – unacceptable, violent and threatening behaviour, such as physical, sexual or verbal abuse, bullying, tormenting or ridicule.
  • Members should behave without discrimination as set out by equal opportunities legislation in Western Australia.
  • Members should act with honesty and integrity when dealing with property, monies and any other assets belonging to other people and the HBLN.
  • Members should not use the HBLN/HEWA in any way for inappropriate personal gain of any kind.
  • Members should abide by the complaints process as set out in the HEWA website.