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Home based education

The Home Based Learning Network is a volunteer, non profit organisation dedicated to supporting all Western Australian home based learners.

The Home-Based Learning Network of WA was established in 1990 and incorporated in 1994 as a non-profit organisation staffed by volunteers.


The constitutional objectives of HBLN are to:

  • Provide social contact and support for  all families involved in home based education.

  • Endeavor to foster closer cooperation between home based learners and the wider community.

  • Obtain or provide any rights, privileges, concessions, facilities or amenities for the educational benefit of home based students and their families.

  • Be a non-party political and non-sectarian organisation.


Who is HBLN?

Our aim is to continually expand our support services for both metropolitan and country members. In an effort to do this HBLN offers a range of resources such as the HBLN monthly newsletter, discounted subscriptions for members, information sessions, sporting events, camps, scholarship programs, and insurance just to mention a few.

In addition to our constitutional objectives, we also:

  • Let the community know of resources, events and opportunities.

  • Support the entire range of home-based families from Classical to Natural Learners.

  • Provide information and training on all aspects of home education methodologies.

  • Help the community make friends and build their support networks.

The HBLN website is updated regularly, and we encourage members to frequently log in and see what's new, especially in the forums. We welcome ideas for the site, and if you feel you have one that would benefit the community as a whole, please contact us.

HBLN has a number of membership plans available.


Apart from all the great member benefits, why should you consider joining HBLN? 

  • Joining HEWA has many benefits to individual families, to the home educating community, and to the broader community as a whole.

  • Joining HEWA provides a feeling of being supported and a sense of belonging with like-minded people. HEWA provides activities and events at which to gather, meet and enjoy this sense of community for parents and children alike. 

  • Joining HEWA helps build a stronger peak body that can help protect the rights and interests of home educating families in the wider community.  Governments, policies and curriculums change, and the home education sector will always need a strong representative body to be a voice for families regarding these changes. In the past HEWA has attended parliamentary meetings, has met with The WA Minister for Education, and has liaised with the Department of Education on behalf of its members.

  • New families are considering home education as a viable option every day. It is important that these families have somewhere to turn for support in their new endeavour, and a community that they can learn from, and in turn share their unique skills with. Fostering growth in our home education community is important to everyone - experienced and new home educators alike. A vibrant and thriving home education community means that home education is seen as an effective and widely-accepted educational choice. It also means that more services, resources and support can be provided for everyone.

  • Legalities and insurance - HEWA develops and maintains policies and procedures to assist home educators to be aware of, and comply with, relevant legal requirements. These includes health, safety and child protection obligations, and workers' compensation requirements when employing tutors. HEWA can provide workers' compensation insurance coverage for home education groups (legally required in most cases when a tutor is employed for kids' classes - and there is a LARGE fine for non-compliance, even if nothing goes wrong...) at a much more affordable rate than groups can obtain independently.

  • Discounts to many online educational resources plus discounts available to our members from an increasing number of services providers.


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